Who does what?

Ruth Dawson-Jones

Communication and CPHT rep

rdj@crowlepc.co.uk                             381586

Stephen Denne

Field Management, Communication

sd@crowlepc.co.uk                              381576

Marie Eastwood (Chair)            

Finance and Risk, Crime Prevention

me@crowlepc.co.uk                            381389

Tara Fallon-Lowbridge

Finance and Risk, School Liaison

tfl@crowlepc.co.uk                             381669

Amanda Kain

Bank signatory and CPHT rep

ak@crowlepc.co.uk                             381555

Andy Pyle

Finance and Risk, Major planning

ap@crowlepc.co.uk                         381025

Pete Reilly

Land Management and Planning

pr@crowlepc.co.uk               07881 766444

Scott Small

Land Management, Planning& Highways

sjs@crowlepc.co.uk               07973 834001

Lawrence Wall (Vice Chair)

Field Management and 10k

lw@crowlepc.co.uk                         381197

Clerk Sharon Brett

clerk@crowlepc.co.uk                     381430

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