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The Shop at Crowle – Update on progress

Since our last report on The Shop at Crowle we have been very busy behind the scenes. There is still much to do before we can open your Shop. Please do let us know if you can help in any of the areas mentioned here on our Community Shop pages.


Next Parish Council Agenda available here  click to read

Crowle WI 2018 Programme now available – click to read


Parish Hall Car Park Gate Access

In the forthcoming future, it may not be possible to unlock the main gates to the Parish Hall Car Park as early as normal especially during school holidays, bank holidays and at weekends. (When Pre-School is not in operation)
For this reason, early users may find that sometimes, a combination lock has replaced the padlock normally used.
Until a Caretaker can be employed, the combination to this lock will be available from the Chairman at (brianhumphreyso@aol.com). Brian will maintain a block e-mail address of a database of people who may find this useful.
Regular User Group contacts will automatically be informed. In addition, there may be occasions when such groups who already have a hall alarm code, will be asked to let themselves in via a key accessed by a key safe which has been mounted in the porch, just to the right of the door. This method will also facilitate them securing the hall afterwards. If that is necessary, instructions will be given.
The gate combination code number will be frequently changed so if you wish to be regularly notified of the number and changes, please e-mail Brian as above or telephone him on 381230.
The trustees apologise for causing any inconvenience in having to make these arrangements.


Crowle Defibrillator Availability


The first thing to do is to dial 999. They will get a paramedic on the way.

Guidance will be given by the Ambulance Service Controller based on the following two options:-

OPTION 1. Our trained local emergency first responder is Mr Howard Painter of The Firs, Church Rd WR7 4AX Tel. No. 381209. Mobile 07780 744740. He may not of course, be nearby or be available. Please make a note of his contact details NOW. (Dial 999 before attempting to contact Howard)

OPTION 2. Through the Parish Council and thanks to the New Homes Bonus, the Parish Hall Trust have arranged the positioning of a defibrillator in a specially designed secure box which is located on the rear wall of the Parish Hall on the allotments side. (Have a look at it when the hall is not in use – know exactly where it is. The gate between the Play area and Tennis Courts is always open)

The location identification number is the only identification which will be known by the responding ambulance control and it is this number which should (MUST) be quoted to them. The number is plainly visible on the box.

IT IS ………….. 2736

Describe the emergency and ask for the code to gain access to Box ID 2736

Ambulance control will then give the access code to the box. Punch in the code given, on the keypad on the door of the box. Removing and opening the defibrillator will trigger the audible instructions which if necessary, can be followed by untrained operators. It is however preferable that operators receive some basic guidance and to this end, members of the Parish Hall Trust and leaders of the hall’s ‘User Groups’ have already attended scheduled familiarisation sessions. In addition, Howard has also provided instruction in the use of the defibrillator recently at scheduled sessions in the committee room.



A Community Village Sign for Crowle

Much of the appeal of our village rests on its sense of community. It’s the reason many people have moved here and remain here. The presence of a village sign would, we feel, greatly enhance that community spirit as well as giving the village a sense of pride and identity. The sign will be a symbol of the village’s history, heritage and culture and due to its construction is hoped to last for many years to come, with minimal maintenance required.

We would be very grateful to anyone who could fill in our questionnaire so we can get your views on what you would like on the Crowle village sign. Questionaires are available from the Post Office, the Old Chequers, the Tea Shop or you can print one here.

We hope the sign will have an input from the whole vilage, and would love to see suggestions and ideas from everyone.

The results of this survey will be put forward to the Crowle Parish Council, and Parish Council Sub committee ‘Crowle The Way Forward’ where the proposal can be discussed further, and funding can be applied for. If you wish to speak directly to someone about this project please contact one of the following:

Ange Robinson • 380047 • ange_robinson@btinternet.com
Jenny Crawford • 391650 • cpcwych@hotmail.co.uk
Nick Brett • 381430 • nick@nicholasbrett.co.uk
Kate Tanner • 381628 • kate.tanner@rocketmail.com
Pamela Field • 381776 • tp.field@btinternet.com


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